Alibaba Files Patent for Blockchain System That Allows ‘Administrative Intervention’

Chinese e-commerce conglomerate Alibaba has filed a patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a blockchain-based system that allows a third-party administrator to intervene in a smart contract in case of illegal activities. The USPTO published the patent application on Oct. 4.

Bitcoin’s Block Size Can Be Increased Without Hard Fork, Says Blockstream Co-Founder

Bitcoin (BTC) protocol developer Mark Friedenbach introduced a method for Bitcoin scaling he claims will not require a hard fork at a workshop in Tokyo October 5.

Crypto Markets Stay Mostly Stagnant Despite This Week’s Major News for Industry

Saturday, Oct. 6: crypto markets keep remain fairly stable on the day, despite this week’s major news in the industry, including institutional investments and an update from the SEC on their highly-anticipated Bitcoin ETF decisions.

Regulated Trader Templum Hosts Security Token Sale for Luxury Resort

Token trading platform Templum Markets has launched a sale of a security token on behalf of a popular Colorado resort.

Hitachi Trials Blockchain to Settle Retail Payments Using Just Fingers

Japan-based tech conglomerate Hitachi and telecommunication giant KDDI are testing a blockchain-based system that can settle retail payments using shoppers' fingers.

US Lawmakers Want FinCEN Mandate to Explicitly Cover Crypto

A new Congressional bill would update the mandate of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) to include a specific focus on cryptocurrencies.